Function of brush in heavy industrial machinery

2022-06-27 Writer:default
Many people don't know what the brush is for. A friend asked me a short time ago What is the use of a brush In a society that cannot lack mechanical equipment hair
Brushes and brush rollers are essential It is very useful for mechanical equipment There is no brush in the parts of cleaning machinery. Here is what brush is used in heavy industrial machinery
What kind of use, today mainly refers to the car parts.
Firstly, for the cleaning method of the transmission of the automobile engine, the disc brush is used to clean the burrs and sharp edges on the end face of the valve body, and then the hole brush is used to clean the burrs and sharp edges on the hole of the valve body,
In this way, the transmission parts and then the automobile distribution pump can be cleaned with abrasive wire brush. However, the motorcycle engine and the liquefied petroleum gas engine can be used
Brush with abrasive wire is used for cleaning. Of course, there are many machines that need brush. With the development of machinery, the quality is getting higher and higher. So are the brush used
Similarly, it is getting better and better. There are many types of brushes, and each type can be used in machinery. Of course, the effect and function are different.